Application deadlines

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Application deadlines for all degrees are in November, January and March. Applications for funding must be received by the January deadline. This includes applicants who will also be applying for an award from the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). 

Application Deadlines for entry in October 2017:

Friday 20 January 2017, Friday 10 March 2017
Friday 10 March to Thursday 31 August 2017 for courses where places remain available

Applications are assessed in batches and all complete applications for a particular programme of study will be assessed and compared against each other after the applicable closing date. This system ensures that applications are assessed in a manner that complies with the current Equal Opportunities legislation in the United Kingdom.

All applications will be academically assessed firstly against the admissions criteria for that programme and then relatively in terms of the quality of previous academic excellence and future potential in comparison with the applications also received from other candidates for that programme.

In order for your application to be considered you must submit in good time to ensure that it reaches us in full on or before the relevant application deadline (closing date).