Application process

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Bodleian gargoyleInterviews

We do not routinely interview applicants for Masters' programmes. Interviews are normally held as part of the admissions process for the DPhil. If we do talk to you, face-to-face or on the telephone, the object of the discussion will normally be to clarify certain aspects of your application.

Result of the application

Once your complete application has been academically assessed, you will be notified of the result. If you are successful and are offered a place, your offer letter will make clear any conditions (for example, achieving a particular degree result or providing an original language test result).

If your application is accepted by the Faculty, it will be passed to the college you have placed first on your list. You do not need to be in your supervisor's college, but it might be sensible to choose a college that has a Fellow in the language you want to study.  If your first-choice college accepts you, you will receive an offer of a place subject to the fulfilment of financial conditions. Should your first-choice college  be unable to offer you a place, you will still definitely have a place but it may be at your second-choice college or at a college that is allocated on your behalf.

Your application is processed by the Graduate Admissions Office and they can discuss the progress of your application with you. More information about the application process can be found at:

Please note that if a candidate's final results are not available by the end of August we reserve the right to defer an offered place until the following year, or until such time as the results can be provided.

Readmission applicants

Readmission applicants are treated in the same way as any other applicants, with the exception that they are not charged the application fee. They will need to provide all mandatory documents for the course, and be in receipt of at least two references for their application to be deemed ready for assessment. One of their references should be from their Oxford course supervisor. More information can be found on the University's Graduate Admissions website.