European Links

International Links

Bookshelves in Taylor InstitutionStudents can take advantage of our links with international universities, which include graduate exchange programmes, support for research-related travel, and access to visiting lecturers from other universities.

Italian links

  • All graduates participate in a joint training programme specifically for graduates run by the Italian Departments of Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Royal Holloway College and University College London.
  • A joint seminar/conference is held in alternate years with the University of Bologna and is open to our graduates to attend or give papers.
  • The Departmental Teaching Exchange with the Department of Italianistica at Padua University allows visiting academics from Padua to give lectures/seminars in Oxford.

Opportunities in Italy

Bergamo Teach English for a year or two while pursuing research.
Pavia University Teach English for a year at the prestigious Collegio Ghislieri while pursuing research.
  A female graduate can teach English for a year at Collegio Nuovo (Women's College) while pursuing research.
  Follow part of Pavia's 'dottorati di ricerca' for a year (Prof. Riccardi is the coordinator).
Siena University Be co-taught by tutors from Siena's Department of Italian for a year.

German Links