Polish at Oxford

View from Queens Lane, OxfordOxford offers four graduate programmes which, depending on your choice, may include a substantial Polish component, including Polish language, literature, history and society:

  1. The one-year M.St. and the two-year M.Phil. in Slavonic Studies give students the opportunity to specialize in Polish as their second Slavonic language, and to choose from a range of options including Polish history, literature, linguistics and philology.
  2. The M.St. and M.Phil. in Medieval and Modern Languages (Literature) allow students to specialize in literary studies, with a compulsory course in literary theory or methodology and a large variety of other options. These can include Polish literature and culture.
  3. The M.St. and M.Phil. in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology include options in Polish linguistics and philology.
  4. Finally, there is the one-year M.Sc. and the two-year M.Phil. in Russian and East European Studies. This course has a strong component of history, politics and economics, but also includes a cultural component and literary options.

Oxford also warmly welcomes applications from students who wish to pursue doctoral research in Polish.

Note: Polish language tuition is available for Master's and for doctoral students whose course or research includes elements in Polish studies.