Portuguese at Oxford

Lisbon, PortugalOxford University is one of the few institutions with an independent unit devoted solely to the teaching of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. The Sub-Faculty of Portuguese, which has just celebrated 75 years of the teaching of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, has five teaching members: the King John II Professor of Portuguese Studies, University Lecturers in  Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brazilian Literature and Culture, and Portuguese Language and  Linguistics, and a leitor appointed by the Instituto Camões. The Lecturership in Brazilian Literature and Culture was created in 2008, and the first holder of the post, Dr Claire Williams, began work  in April 2009.

The Sub-Faculty works closely with the Centre for Portuguese Language/Instituto Camões and the Latin American Centre (continuing the work of the former Centre for Brazilian Studies).

The members of the Sub-Faculty have distinct but complementary areas of expertise which allow it to offer graduate courses and graduate research across the broadest spectrum, from modern literature (including modern women's writing, Brazilian and African writers, and cinema) through sixteenth-century poetry and drama to medieval literature and Linguistics.

Since 2005 Oxford and Universiteit Utrecht have operated an exchange of teachers under the Erasmus programme. Every year, usually in January, Paulo de Medeiros, Professor of Portuguese at Utrecht, spends a week in Oxford, giving lectures and classes on modern and contemporary Portuguese and Portuguese African literature, post-colonial theory and literary theory.  Professor T. F. Earle has made several visits to in Utrecht, giving lectures and classes on Portuguese Renaissance literature; in 2010-11 Dr Pazos Alonso will spend a week in October giving lectures on Modern Portuguese literature, and Dr Parkinson will make his second visit to lecture on Portuguese Linguistics and Medieval Literature.

Three members of the Sub-Faculty have edited the Companion to Portuguese Literature, which was published  in December 2009.  A supporting website is in preparation.

There are large and active communities of Portuguese and Brazilian graduate students in Oxford, who meet regularly in the Oxford University Portuguese Society and the Oxford University Brazilian Society. Portuguese students in Oxford organised a major meeting of UK Portuguese students, LUSO 2008, in Oxford in June 2008.