MSt in Medieval Studies

MSt in Medieval Studies

Gargoyle in snowPlease note that this course is administered by the History Faculty.

The course provides interdisciplinary training for medievalists in the fields of art history, history, languages and literature, oriental studies, philosophy, and theology. The degree programme balances taught courses and independent research, and can be taken either as a free-standing degree or as the first step towards one of the research degrees of M.Litt. or D.Phil.

Medieval studies at Oxford

Oxford can offer a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise on the material and intellectual culture of Europe from late Antiquity to the late Middle Ages, and this degree programme intends to make the available expertise in the field of medieval studies more accessible, and to give postgraduates with a broad spectrum of interests and previous training the unique opportunity to encounter a variety of specialists in cognate areas of research within the interdisciplinary programme.

The programme is administered by the History Graduate Office and academically supervised by a small Management Committee drawn from the faculties of English, History, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies and Theology. Members may be co-opted from Classics, Music, Philosophy and Continuing Education. The core course is organized by the chair of the Management Committee, and option papers are taught by specialists in the particular field.

Continuing into research programmes

Successful candidates may use this master's degree as a preparation for further research in their field, and the programme has been structured with this possibility in mind. It should be stressed, however, that the admission of any candidate to further study at Oxford will depend on his/her overall performance in the master's programme, together with the viability of any proposed research topic and the availability of appropriate supervision at Oxford. It is possible to read for the research degree of DPhil on a broad range of topics and approaches to this field, and candidates will have to choose which Faculty will provide the most appropriate context for their advanced research. As procedures for readmission to research programmes may differ from faculty to faculty, candidates are encouraged to seek advice on these in good time.