MSt in Modern Languages

MSt in Modern Languages

Radcliffe CameraThis course is suitable for those interested in a single literature or in comparative literature, since it can be done in either one or two literatures. English can only be offered in connection with another literature.

The MSt is suitable if you are unsure whether you want to do a research degree, as it provides a self-contained qualification that can lead on to further study but is also valuable in its own right. It allows you to:

  • build on your undergraduate studies
  • learn about literary theory or methods of scholarship
  • write a dissertation on a topic that interests you

The MSt is suitable for candidates who are applying for a one-year grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and expect later to apply for a three-year grant for the DPhil.



You will be assigned a supervisor (or two supervisors in the case of two literatures), who will be a specialist(s) in your chosen field(s) of study. Your supervisor(s) will normally teach you for part of the course, advise you on your dissertation, and also advise you on lectures and seminars that are relevant to your work.

The Faculty offers a wide range of lecture courses open to undergraduates and graduates, and a number of research seminars which enable graduates to present their own work and discuss that of others.

MPhil in Modern Languages

PuntsThis two-year course enables candidates who already have a high level of attainment in a foreign language or languages, and have studied literature to honours level, to:

  • develop their interests further
  • address general problems in literary study
  • acquire research skills, often of a highly technical kind
  • do a substantial piece of independent research

Advice on applying

When applying for the MPhil, please state on your application form which literature or literatures you want to study, and either say which Special Subjects you want to study, or, if you are not sure, at least describe your area of interest. If one of the literatures you want to study is English, please remember that the competition for graduate places in English is particularly severe.