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Theory and Approaches course

The course on Theory and Approaches aims to provide familiarity with a wide range of theoretical issues raised by women's studies, mastery of research skills, and ability to use both traditional research aids and the aids being developed by information technology.

It is taught in Michaelmas (autumn) term. You will have a lecture and a seminar each week on Theory, and weekly seminars on Approaches to Research. The course is not itself formally assessed, but will inevitably inform and enrich your approaches to the material that you cover in your Option courses and in your Dissertation.

Option course

The Option courses offer you the opportunity to explore further areas familiar to you from your undergraduate degree experience or to branch out into a new field. You follow one Option in Michaelmas (autumn) term and one in Hilary (spring) term. For each option, you will typically meet with your Option tutor weekly or fortnightly and will produce a number of pieces of written work, one of which will then be worked up into an assessed essay of 6-7,000 words.

The current list of options can be found from page 27 onwards in the course handbook.